AlerGenetica’s Technology Advantage

Courtesy of Deanna A. Sutton Copyright 2005

Fungi have in the region of 10,000 genes which can produce 10,000 proteins, of which only a very few of which can cause allergy fungi.

In fungal allergy vaccine development AlerGenetica’s advantages are three-fold:

Firstly the  genomes of fungi which cause allergy have been sequenced and  we have used this information coupled with AlerGenetica’s bioinformatics skills to predict all the likely proteins  which are likely to cause allergies.

Secondly, candidate peptides from allergy causing proteins are synthesized and validated using a unique screen to rank their allergy causing potential.

Thirdly, we use bioinformatics’ tools and in vitro testing to validate vaccine candidates.

Having unique access to patients at the University of Manchester and the University of Barcelona, leading fungal allergy research centers, has allowed us to validate our vaccine candidates using patient blood samples.

AlerGenetica has completed the research phase and is in the preclinical phase of testing peptide immunotherapy.

Clincal pictures of fungi