Department of Research

Dr. Maria Diaz-Torres Head of the Department of Research
Our research approach is to utilize the latest advances in genomics to reduce the complexity of allergic fungi. AlerGenetica’s advantages are three-fold.

First, the fungal genome are sequence and we have used this information coupled with bioinformatics to predict all the proteins which are likely to cause allergies and the critical regions of those allergens.

Secondly, candidate peptides from allergy causing proteins have been synthesized and tested against primary human cell cultures from fungal allergic patient population to rank their potential as therapeutics.

Thirdly, our approach has allowed us to identify a small number of peptides for two therapeutic formulations to cover patient with allergy to he specific fungi and those that also include additional related fungi. Current diagnostic techniques can readily identify the correct required treatment.

With AlerGenetica¬īs unique access to patients sensitized to fungi we are able to screen validated vaccine candidates with cells from sensitized patients to determine if the vaccine candidate stimulates the immune system.

In addition, AlerGenetica developed an animal system for vaccine candidate evaluation.