External Collaborations Department

Inspiration Vision
Dr. Brian S. MillerHead of the External Collaboration Department

Management of the network to guide drugs through initial characterization, pre-clinical and clinical trials is one of our primary goals.
AlerGenetica S.L. has established a network of experienced contract servicers and manufacturers to allow us to evaluate peptide vaccine drug candidates quickly without having to immediately establish a complete clinical development testing infrastructure.
Key to the evaluation of drug candidates to fungal allergy is to be able to access to sensitized and non sensitized (control) patients and study the sensitization of patients to one or more than one fungi at leading fungal allergy clinical settings.
Our clinical settings are mainly at the Translational Medicine, University of Manchester (U.K.); the Faculty of Life Science, University of Manchester (U.K.); University Hospital of Barcelona (Spain); and the Allergy Clinic, University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain). This allows AlerGenetica to in vitro evaluate our peptide vaccine candidates using immune system cell from the patients.
Dr. Chris Lawrence coordinates from the Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech, Virginia (U.S.A) the research whose program is currently focused on genomics and bioinformatics of pathogenic fungal-human interactions, sequencing and annotation of several genomes.
Validation of bioinformatic leads: AlerGenetica works with ProImmune Ltd (Magdalen Centre, Oxford Science Park, Oxford University, Oxford (U.K.) which has ProImmune REVEAL® & ProVE® a novel technology for analyzing proteins for potential T cell epitopes, key for peptide vaccine target validation.
Market Opportunity Assessment: AlerGenetica works with the University of Manchester Manchester Business School, Manchester, U.K. where we work with postgraduate students who help evaluate new opportunities.
This out-sourced network has allowed us to reach our goals with significant savings to the company.