iStock_000005464264SmallAlerGenetica is a pre-clinical stage biopharma company which is investigating the possibility of a vaccine for fungal allergies.


Individuals vary in their sensitivity to different types of substances and the degree to which they have a reaction to allergy.

Fungal Allergy

For fungal allergy, a person inhales small amounts of fungal spores into the respiratory tract.
iStock_000004601464SmallAllergy treatment is one of the largest therapeutic markets worldwide, with estimated annual sales of $11 billion. Approximately 10% of the USA population is allergic to the fungus Alternaria alternata. At present there is no cure to allergy caused by this fungus and hence represents a significant unmet need.

Current Allergy Treatments

iStock_000004616579SmallMost allergy treatments used today, such as anti-histamines, while very useful only temporarily treat the symptoms of allergy without curing the underlying cause which is a specific type of sensitization of the immune system to allergens. This sensitization is most characterized by the production of IgE antibodies to allergen components. Allergy symptoms can arise by interaction of the IgE antibodies during subsequent exposure to particular allergens. more...

Project funded

Peptide vaccine development for allergy treatment of fungal. Project funded by the Canary Islands Government and co-funded by 85% regional development funds "FEDER"

Proyecto subvencionado

Desarrollo de vacunas peptídicas para el tratamiento de alergias fúngicas. Proyecto subvencionado por el Gobierno de Canarias y cofinanciado en un 85% con fondos de desarrollo regional "FEDER"